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Are you the special family we are looking for?

We urgently need two very special families for two very special boys, Jack aged 11 and Oliver 12. If you can provide a nurturing home environment, where a child can feel safe and secure as well as encouraged to progress in school, build friendships, join activities, and attend support groups and appointments, please get in touch. Both boys need round-the-clock guidance and so for the right people, we’re offering a bespoke package of support and allowances.

Jack loves playing computer games, he is a very tactile individual who loves a cuddle, all he wants is to be loved and have positive attention shown to him. He has a very caring nature and when he trusts he is very loyal, those who support Jack comment on what a lovely boy he is. Jack has autism, anxiety and shows distress emotionally and physically, so for the right people, we’re offering a bespoke package of support and allowances to cover all expenses and the time spent looking after him.

Oliver is described as a lovely and engaging young man, he particularly enjoys playing football and taking part in group outdoor activities. He loves eating chocolate, x-boxing and cooking with his key worker. He is making really good progress in his education. Oliver needs a lot of supervision and so a home with two foster carers and no other children would be best for him. For the right carers we’re offering wrap around support including extra support during the school holidays, and an increased financial package to meet the needs of caring for him.

To talk to us about Jack or Oliver, please contact the fostering enquiry team on 0345 155 1077 or email

Two children playing football