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We need Child and Parent carers now

Posted on: 24 July 2017

So, what is Child and Parent fostering?

These family-based placements involve placing a baby or child and one or both parents with specialist foster carers. Here they receive the support and guidance they need to start building a day-to-day routine. This kind of placement is usually a result of court proceedings. The child’s wellbeing and safety is always the main concern.

It’s all about providing consistent support in a family environment. At the same time, parents can maintain and develop links with local networks, and learn new parenting skills. Parents can be all ages and typically have chaotic and stressful life styles impacting upon their ability to parent their children well. Mental health, drug and alcohol misuse problems or learning disabilities are just some of the issues they may face.

As a Child and Parent carer you need to be highly skilled and trained to give the best care possible. You stay in close communication with professionals and contribute to planning and review meetings. Your daily log is shared with the parents and if necessary with the courts, child protection conferences and local authorities.

Prospective carers need to have relevant, transferable skills from employment, such as experience of working with families. One carer needs to be in the household full time and not working. There needs to be sufficient space in the household to provide a room large enough to accommodate at least one parent (or possibly both) and their child. There also needs to be sufficient space in the living area to enable a family to live alongside your own family.

To prepare you for this arrangement you will be given additional training and on-going support to ensure you are fully equipped to offer the level of guidance required as part of this fostering service. As a Child and Parent carer you will be well rewarded for the complex nature of the work.

If you would like to find out more, talk to a member of the Fostering Devon team on 0345 155 1077 or email – your chat will be in complete confidence.

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