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Take the first step to fostering a teenager

Take the first step towards fostering a teenager

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Frequently asked questions

What is fostering?

Fostering is a rewarding and recognised profession. It means looking after a child or young person in your home who is not able to live with their birth family.

Every child in our care is as unique as you are, and all have different needs. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and different family situations, so each needs a different type of care.

Some will only need to stay with foster carers for a few days, whereas others will need to remain on a longer-term basis. In Devon we currently need foster carers for teenagers, including some with challenging and complex behaviour.

We need people who can offer teenagers a safe and secure home. Somewhere they can find their feet, build their self-confidence and independence, leading to them learning how to become successful and responsible adults in the future.

As a foster carer you will need to provide for the teenager, making sure they’ve got enough clothes, are well fed, healthy and supported with their education. Alongside this you will need to support them emotionally, liaise with social workers, teachers and support contact with their birth family.

Whilst it can help if you have prior experience of parenting teenagers or working with young people, perhaps as a teacher, youth worker or nurse, this is not essential. We will be there with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry through to looking after your first young person, and beyond.

On-going learning and development is an essential part of your role as a foster carer with us. You will receive regular training to help you in your work and enhance your skills, alongside the support and guidance of your own supervising social worker, our promoting stability team and peer support from experienced carers. We always aim to place teenagers with carers who best suit their individual needs, and our team of staff will discuss this with you in detail.

We pay a generous allowance of up to £489 per week, per teenager, depending on their level of need.

Allowances are paid weekly, directly into your bank and cover all expenses of caring for a teen and the time you spend looking after them.

We also pay mileage for transporting them to school, attending family contact meetings, training and support groups. testing a link

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