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Guide: Resources and Forms

Supervision and Support

Each carer or carer family has their own supervisory and support Fostering Social Worker independent of the children placed with them. Where possible, this will also be offered to specific or kinship carers.

Carers should be able to discuss with their Social Worker matters which do not necessarily relate directly to the child in their care.

Fostering Social Workers undertake annual reviews with foster carers and try to resolve situations of difficulty and conflict where these may arise.

Foster care support groups are run locally, and it can be very helpful to Carers to meet other Carers for mutual support and to develop skills and experience.

FosterTalk seeks to promote good practice in foster care. FosterTalk Membership is provided to all carers and offers independent support, legal advice and discounts from this national organisation.

Each Foster Carer will receive one unannounced visit per year.

When a Carer’s link worker is unavailable, there will be support cover provided by the fostering team. This might be the placement co-ordinator or a duty Social Worker.

Carer Support Groups

These are held regularly where experience, fresh ideas and mutual support is shared. There are guest speakers, presentations and time to network. Carers are expected to attend at least 6 support group activities per year. Please see our list of planned support group events.

Peer Guides

If you need help, advice, or just someone to listen you can choose to talk to an experienced carer. Our Peer Guidance Scheme is now well-established, following a request from Foster Carers for more support from experienced colleagues.

Peer Guides are selected based on experience, skills and commitment. Each locality has at least one Peer Guide who attends monthly supervision and training groups, where they receive regular updates on policies and procedures. They have local contact numbers both in Social Services and other Agencies, and can offer lots of helpful hints.

All Foster Carers will be given the names and phone numbers of their local Peer Guides. Confidentiality will be respected as long as this is consistent with the safety and welfare of the children in your care.

Call your social worker or the Fostering Devon Team for more information.

‘Children Who Foster’ Groups

Activity groups for the families of foster carers where they can meet, swap stories, and have a good time. Days out are an important part of this.

Fostering Strategy Group

If you’ve got a good idea, or a cause for concern that you’d like to bring up with management, contact your local rep. Call your Link Worker for her or his name.


Fosterline – impartial, confidential advice on fostering issues