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Guide: Types of fostering

Family and friends fostering

Family and friends fostering is when a child or young person is placed with a relative or friend by the local authority, because the person who had been caring for the child has been deemed not to be providing suitable care.  As the child is a looked after child, the local authority must approve the relative or friend as a Fostering Devon carer. The child may be accommodated voluntarily with the agreement of the parents or may be subject to a care order.

The relative or friend may be temporarily approved as a foster carer following an assessment, for a maximum of 24 weeks.  If the long term plan is for the child to remain with the carer under a fostering arrangement, a full fostering assessment must be completed and submitted to the Fostering Panel and Agency Decision Maker for approval. Family and friends foster carers need to meet the National Minimum Standards for fostering and are eligible for the same support as other Fostering Devon carers.

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