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Guide: Types of fostering

Fostering sibling groups

Keeping brothers and sisters together is incredibly important to us at Fostering Devon. It can be heart-breaking when siblings have to be separated, when no longer able to live with their parents or other family members, so we try as hard as possible to keep them together in the same home. Their relationships with each other, support they provide to one another and their shared experiences all greatly affect how successful their time in care is.

Ideally we need carers who are able to offer a nurturing home with a bedroom for each child. Carers need the time, space, energy and resilience to meet the individual and collective childrens’ needs and should expect to be busy!

Caring for siblings can be extremely rewarding. Giving the opportunity for brothers and sisters to be able to support and comfort one another at a difficult time in their lives is an amazing thing to do. Keeping teenagers together with young siblings can be especially helpful as the older child will often be aware of younger childrens likes and dislikes, needs and routines.

We are keen to recruit foster carers for Devon’s sibling groups – both experienced carers and those who are new to fostering.