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Guide: Why choose Fostering Devon?

Promoting Stability Team

Our Promoting Stability Team (formerly Placement Support Team) aims to strengthen stability within our foster families through crisis intervention and planned, time limited, therapeutic support. We encourage a multi-agency approach, providing specialised support at the right time.

PST can be considered at the point of matching, to support a foster family as they all adjust to living together, to try to prevent any struggles from the beginning. As a result, the progress and stability of our foster families is being monitored by regular review meetings, so there is the opportunity to respond to difficulties and concerns as they arise.

The team provides 1:1 interventions via direct work with children and foster carers. Trauma Informed Practice is our foundation, including Dyadic Developmental Practice, BUSS model and Theraplay approaches. The team also provides consultations for targeted support to social workers, a wider network of professionals and organisations.

Thresholds for intervention are considered and determined on an individual basis. The focus of the support is building the relationship between the carer and child or young person for a lasting relationship that heals developmental trauma.

We take into account the behaviour, the way it’s interpreted, and the relationship within which this interpretation takes place. The key is responding to the behaviour in an appropriate way rather than changing the behaviour, in order to strengthen stability. The benefit of this approach is the development of stable, nurturing, and responsive care of the child or young person in relation to their attachment needs.

We offer Support Group sessions and bite-size training sessions on Therapeutic Parenting, as well as a 6 week Foundations for Attachment group and 18 week Nurturing Attachments group.

The Promoting Stability Team run a Fostering Support Duty Line which is available from 0900-2200 from Monday to Saturday and from 1300-2200 on a Sunday. This offers trauma informed telephone advice and support to foster carers as well as advice to professionals who need to access the service for a short-term intervention or a planned preventative intervention.

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