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Guide: Why choose Fostering Devon?

Team around the child

Meet some of the incredible team who work together to make sure our foster carers and the children in our care receive all the support they need and deserve to thrive. Over the coming weeks you’ll hear a little more about each role, how they work together and what they most love about their job! Scroll down for films.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer and being part of the amazing team of professionals who can make a real difference to the lives of children and young people, please get in touch today. #TogetherWeCan be there to support children across Devon who need us the most.

Click here to download our fostering information booklet or leave your name and number to request a call back.

headshots of fostering team and carers


Meet Sally, one of our Assessing Social Workers who finds her role ‘very rewarding being part of the journey of bringing new foster carers into Devon, to support and care for our most vulnerable children.’ Play to watch Sally’s story.

Meet Mike, one of our Children’s Social Workers, who tells us why he loves his job and how the child is at the centre of everything he does. Play to watch Mike’s full story.

Meet Sarah, an Area Learning Advocate for the Virtual School who works closely with children in care to support them to achieve educationally and to become the best they can be. Play to hear more from Sarah.

Hear from Sheri, one of our Child in Care Nurses, who tell us how she builds relationships and trust with the young people which is key in looking after their health needs. Play to watch Sheri’s story.

Martin, a key member of the Children’s Placement Team, tells us that the most important part of his job is matching a child in care with a foster home. Hear more from Martin below.

We spoke to Ella from our Youth Participation Team who told us how lovely it is to see friendships blossom between young people in care who find themselves with much in common. Watch Ella’s full story below.

Stella is an Independent Reviewing Officer who has previously been a foster carer, she tells us from the heart ‘you are not alone on this journey.’ Play to watch Stella’s story.