Inspiring foster carers

Sarah T’s story

“It is all I imagined, but extra.  For me the most rewarding aspect of fostering is watching a child thrive.” Hear more from Sarah here:

Vic’s story

“We found the process very easy from the initial contact, the impact has been very positive for us.” Hear more from Vic here:

Sarah’s story

“I would recommend Fostering Devon because they support us, look after us, give us the training we need and they are there for the children.” Hear more from Sarah here:

Nickie’s story

“Fostering has changed our lives, it’s enriched our lives, fostering is an honour and a privilege.”  Hear more from Nickie here:  

Debbie’s story

“It’s probably one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.” Hear more from Debbie here:  

Kim’s story

“The small steps are the big steps for these children, and knowing that you’ve been a tiny part of making that happen, makes me smile.” Hear more from Kim here.

Paul’s story

“We wanted to help local children. We feel like we’ve made a difference to them, and helped them along their way.” Hear more from Paul here.  

Rosie and Mark’s story

Rosie and Mark are mainstream foster carers. They have been married for 31 years and decided to become foster carers 15 years ago when Mark lost his job as a butchery manager.  Rosie had been a professional nanny and childminder … Continue reading

Hannah’s story

Hannah has been a Devon foster carer for almost two years, she has looked after siblings on a short-term emergency placement, an unaccompanied asylum-seeking child (UASC) and other children who have since returned to their parents. She currently has two … Continue reading

Life as a DYPAS foster carer: Freya

Freya Williams followed in her own mother’s footsteps – she was a carer when Freya herself was only 12. Freya initially took on a role caring for children with disabilities before moving to foster caring for young people. After initially … Continue reading