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What is Permanent Fostering?

Posted on: 4 November 2015

Providing long-term foster care is one route to permanence for children in care. We know that lots of changes of placements have a negative impact on young people and that all looked after children should have permanence as early as possible. When children are unable to return to their birth family this is achieved through planned, permanent foster care or through other legal routes such as Adoption or Special Guardianship Orders. With permanent fostering, the carer makes a long term commitment to a child and the care plan is for them to stay with that carer for the rest of their childhood.

Planning for permanence ensures that children have a secure, stable and loving family to support them through childhood and beyond, and to give them a sense of security, continuity, commitment, identity and belonging. Young people usually stay close to their permanent foster carers throughout their lives.

Permanent foster care might be something you want to consider if you think this kind of fostering might suit your family best. Once approved as a foster carer we will work with you to match an appropriate child to your family’s circumstances. Depending on your experience, gaining some practical fostering know-how by taking a short term placement, initially may be helpful.

As a permanent foster carer, you will be working within Devon County Council’s fostering policies and procedures. These are within national fostering standards and regulations and require you to have the support of fostering social workers. The young people you care for remain within the care of the local authority and as a permanent foster carer you will be paid fees and allowances, but it is possible you will have more areas of delegated authority within the child’s placement plan, reflecting the long-term nature of their placement and their relationship with you.

To find out more about becoming a permanent foster carer, please get in touch for an informal chat, 0345 155 1077.

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